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    Q: Which dog is a 14-carat canine?
    A: The golden retriever.

    Q: Why did the dog and cat go toot!toot!?
    A: They were trumpets.

    Q: Why did the boy name his dog Toro?
    A: He was a bull terrier.

    Q: Why did the pooch go to sleep early?
    A: He was dog-tired.

    Q: Why did the man put his dog on a locomotive?
    A: He wanted to train him.

    Q: How do mutts get around in the snow?
    A: They use dog sleds.

    Q: Why did the attack dog bite the back of the burglar's foot?
    A: His master yelled "Heel!"

    Q: What do you get if you cross a frog and a dog?
    A: A Croacker Spaniel.

    Q: Why did the man take his pet to the jewelry store?
    A: He wanted to have his watchdog repaired.

    Q: Which dog is very scary?
    A: A boo terrier.

    Q: What kind of pooch holds a carpet in place?
    A: A tack dog.

    Q: What happens to dogs who run behind cars?
    A: They end up exhausted.

    Q: Which states have a lot of canines?
    A: North and South Dogkota.

    Q: If you take your dog to the mall, where should you leave him?
    A: In a barking space.

    Q: Why was the dog unpopular?
    A: He would never speak to anyone.

    Q: What kind of dog chases the gas man?
    A: A meter reader eater.

    Q: Why did the dog buy a toupee?
    A: He was a Mexican Hairless breed.

    Q: Why couldn't the dog answer the phone?
    A: He was all tied up.

    Q: What did the dog yell when he saw the tree trunks?
    A: "Bark! Bark! Bark!"

    Q: What does a dog use to play golf?
    A: A kennel club.

    Q: What does a dog baseball pitcher need to have fun?
    A: A dog catcher.

    Q: Why couldn't the dog wear skin blue jeans?
    A: He was a husky.

    Q: Which dog has long hair and never spends any money?
    A: An Old English cheap dog.

    Q: Why did the poodle move to New York City?
    A: She was in a dog show on Broadway.

    Q: What kind of tree goes arf! arf!?
    A: A dogwood.

    Q: Which pooch plays a doctor on a hit T.V. show?
    A: Doggie Howser.

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