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    Q: Why did the dog become a motorcycle cop?
    A: He wanted to chase speeding cars.

    Q: Which breed of dog can make you yell "Ouch"?
    A: The Doberman pinscher.

    Q: Which dog smells the best?
    A: The Scent Bernard.

    Q: Which dog is really dumb?
    A: The Airhead terrier.

    Q: Why did the boy name his dog Hamlet?
    A: He was a Great Dane.

    Q: Which dog works in a restaurant?
    A: The Irish table setter.

    Q: Why did the dalmatian go to the cleaners?
    A: His coat had spots all over it.

    Q: What do fleas ride on when they want to travel?
    A: A greyhound bus.

    Q: Which dog is fun to play with?
    A: The Toy poodle.

    Q: What does a pooch use to write a letter?
    A: A dog pen.

    Q: What do you say when you want to quiet little dogs?
    A: "Hush, puppies."

    Q: What does a lazy dog chase?
    A: Parked cars.

    Q: Which kind of dog runs but doesn't tick?
    A: A digital watchdog.

    Q: Why did the dog call a taxi?
    A: He was too lazy to run.

    Q: Which part of trees do dogs like best?
    A: The bark.

    Q: Which dog eats twice as much as any other dog?
    A: A Chow Chow.

    Q: Why did the dog run after the duck?
    A: Everyone kept telling him to get down.

    Q: What did Gretel tell her brother's pet dog?
    A: "Don't bite the Hans that feeds you."

    Q: Who was the most famous pooch poet?
    A: Henry Wadsworth Dogfellow.

    Q: Which foods definitely don't mix?
    A: A hot dog and catsup.

    Q: Why did the pitcher throw nothing but balls to the baseball pup?
    A: Everyone knows you're supposed to walk a dog.

    Q: What did Papa dog tell his children at the dinner table?
    A: "Sit!"

    Q: When does the weather go splash! splash! meow! woof!?
    A: When it's raining cats and dogs.

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