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Dog Poetry

Four Legged Friend

    You come to me a blessing I know
    Lent to me from above
    To teach me to soft a kind
    And giving of all mankind
    How I look in those bright brown eyes
    my hearts melts or so sweet and kind
    I treasure you know
    But your job so big
    and mine so small
    For I know nothing of forgives
    to some of mankind
    and you only in return ask for
    a pat or game of flecth , meal and water
    I will do this with out a problem
    for you touch my heart and soul
    but my four legged friend
    If you teach me the
    unconditional love as you have
    I know the world can be a better place
    this written by a friend as a Welcome gift to Cigale
    my new puppy friend please donot take it unless you ask


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